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Im sorry but you cant just arbitrarily declare that a feature many people would find desirable is not needed just because YOU wouldnt find it desirable.

Raze answers that correctly.

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The fact is that having respawns doesnt cramp anyones playstyle. Not having them does. People like "getting to max level and being uber".

Well in this statement its crystal clear you doesnt know anything beyond YOUR own playing style and your own gaming preference. It DOES cramp a lot. If you would read previous posts you should know why many of us dislike respawn. If you cant live without it, I think there are many other games you may find suitable for your liking - especially MMORPGs.

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if i want to level beyond that and make the final boss "easier" then OMG thats so wrong and unnecessary?

Why should be boss fight easy anyway? Bosses are bigger creeps? Maybe its designed this way. You have complete control on a way you will develop your character, which skills, weapons or playing style you will prefer and master. I think its more than enough to beat a boss. If you cant beat him, you do something wrong or you cant play RPG games and develop your character - but then dont blame a game. If you have problem with difficulty - be honest and write it and dont try to cover your problems under a mess of so-called-arguments.

For me boss is a creature/demon or unnatural being beyond human possibilities. To think that you can relatively easily level up and be stronger than a boss is IMHO weird and a little naive. If you are mortal human, you can be Achilles or king Arthur but you will never be Basilisk, Fafnir or Surt. If the creature is mortal then there is some way to kill it and be a hero but it shouldnt be easy fight with opponent on YOUR = human level.

BTW inteligent gamer doesnt need respawn. He is able to explore, to develop, to choose sides in a story, to learn and to master a hero/skills/tactics. Designers give him all tools to win a game and enjoy it. Frankly - gamestyle "to be a superhero you need only to kill more stupid and easy respawning mobs" is for noobs. It may seem a little harsh comment but that it is. Note - if you like respawn, ok. But why should you need it in EVERY RPG (or "RPG")? And dont tell us you cant learn and be better...

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5. You get to level 35 and that's it? What if you could get to level 60? Or 100? Then you ask why not 150 ?!?!

Yes why not? That is what im asking. Why not? Why is that bad? Why is allowing me to level as far as i would like to go a bad thing?

He didnt say its bad. He just clearly pointed out that this idea is ridiculous and doesnt have any sense. ALL games (and not only computer games) are somewhat limited. Only in your fantasies you can do anything. It doesnt make difference if the game would allow you to go max. to 35th or 50th or 150th level. There are always some limits and it has NOTHING to do with quality of the game, with the story, the world, dialogs, level of interaction, quality of quests, fight system etc.

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If its got a protagonist that you control, a story that you progress through, and a system designed to interact with the environment and scale your own ability to effect said envirnment based on your participation, ITS AN RPG.

Really? In arcade games or FPS shooters you also progress through some story, you have slight level of interaction with environment (jump, take things, open doors...), you can scale your ability... so for you arcade or FPS games are RPGs? Many genres can be described as RPG this way. So it seems more like a mess and not description of a genre. I assume its desperate try to make some argument over your core idea "there must be respawn and I cant live without it". Man, give us a break...

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