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I think Larian should foremost make the game they want to make, not simply catering to the tastes of the current gaming market.

Divinity 2 is quite unique with its ending for a reason. Too many RPGs already have the boring "hero fights bad guy and wins" endings.

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well said MonkeyLungs. For me also this is my first time playing Divinity, for i own an Xbox. Let them go for the evil ending all they want, but if they are continuing on with this, then it should have had a scene that offered hope at the end.

The Divine is still alive. If that isn't hope I don't know what it is.

The entire hare-brained plan of Zandalor was exactly because he thought the Divine was dead. Now the plan for the next game could be "Free the Divine".

Well lets break it down now...You have all the components to get into the Hall of Echoes...which means there's basically no way out. remember this also the divine was aware of what was going on so i think he would know if there was even a slight chance of escape. The Patriarch also hints about what happened to Maxos also so i don't believe you'll be seeing Maxos all of a sudden being the hero of the day. Basically it's a "you're screwed" ending. The ending was badly written as it was a slap in a face with no prior hints throughout the game that could happen or not. I've seen bad/evil endings that were good, this one doesn't cut it. I do also believe that it will hurt replayability which means you might see alot of trade-ins down the road which will lower the price of new/used games significantly soon. I mean the used for price for this game at GameStop is already $44.99 and it just came out. I don't think they kept in mind with the new gamers that they will have when releasing the game on the 360. Most of these gamers probably never even heard about the series, in which when they see this ending they're going to be "wtf" and then stop playing the game again and trade it in. I'm all for bad/evil endings but only if they're done correctly in which case it wasn't. Like i said before also too "hope" goes a long way when it comes to an ending and i think if they had that hope in an ending like this i think the ammount of people that would be angry would lessen.