Plus they should be independed and objective reviewers.

Now most sites and magazines just review top AAA games high so they assured of many fans for there site maybe they even get payed to rate there game high and competition low.

Last few years reviewers are more and more biased and review popular games with high ratings, even tho they maybe have played it for 30min.

Problem with this is that the MASS believe them and small developers have a hard time proof themselfs there game can compete with big boys.

This reviewer also proof he is very stupid try compare it with dragon age there 2 completely different rpg styles.

Dragon age is a npc team based story telling rpg with no real depthness if it come to gameplay build character.

While D2 is a far more deeper rpg with a more complex rpg character building game, and not to mention exploring that DAO totally lacks.

Its just bad timing release D2 at same time with DAO.

DAO is even very simple nightmare difficulty is not difficult at all and after play second time you just hit esc constantly becouse its boring and annoying hearing contsantly same story from npc,s again.

Give me D2:ED rating8/10(becouse of lack patch for europe english version and bugs or rating would go up to 9) any time over DAO rating 7.5/10.

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