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Dragon age is a npc team based story telling rpg with no real depthness if it come to gameplay build character.

While D2 is a far more deeper rpg with a more complex rpg character building game, and not to mention exploring that DAO totally lacks.

DAO is even very simple nightmare difficulty is not difficult at all and after play second time you just hit esc constantly becouse its boring and annoying hearing contsantly same story from npc,s again.

-You are wrong,but i guess you didn"t play other BioWare games
-Oh!So D2 is more complex and exploration in DA:O is lacking hehe.Of course you don"t understand that DA:O is not sandbox.DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT IS SANDBOX
-and here I find out that you didn"t play game,or that you buy game without reading about it(I guess those trailers cheat you)