Diablo is not RPG game Diablo is H$S game jesus NONSENSEI u dont see the diferences?
most important is ANY H&S got MULTIPLAYER and is why thre is respawn
same nwn got respawn in multiplayer servers for same reazon
look on DAO there is NO RESPAWN and wtf is DAO suffers by this NO ITS NOT
the real problem wih d2 is bad balanced lvls of mobs or should i say lack fo big lvl mobs so your whole lvling point is from ass , becoue on lvl 30+ every mob can suck your sword or whatever so what a point in power lvling yourse;f anyway ? if u like to get lvl 30 on lvl 3 mobs and than by whole game run around and kill everything on one shoot get some trainers imho is good for noobs like u or use some cheats cuz game is "to hard" without brainless grinding whatever . this game is freeking to easy without power lvling posibilities so how bad this was be if thre is mob rspawn ? even worst