The review was unfair and dead wrong. The reviwer's experience with RPG's must be limited to WOW or similar MMORPG crap. I have played a number of RPG's since the early 1990's and this is among the tops for enjoyment. I love European RPG's - the Sacred series, Gothic series etc. Maybe they are too demanding on the average teenager.

The developers of Ego Draconis have managed to make leveling fun without a lot of the micromanagement that seems to plague similar games. This is pure enjoyment.

I don't know where the reviewer got the impression that the plot was poor or nonexistent. I suppose if you can't be bothered to read any of the books you collect or actually follow the conversations, then the plot is lost on you.

I've played Divine Divinity, and although I have Beyond Divinity, I've yet to play it. I'll have to go back after this and fill in some of the story.

Thanks Larian! You did well!