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I love a good debate. The combatants are even using proper grammar and punctuation: a rare theat!

Take your time and enjoy. Its clear that combatants are mostly higher levels and are skilled in more areas, right? They are able to dodge jabbing of their opponents and strikes them with Hammers of Ultimate True. They can smash enemy ideas using spells like Tornado of Arguments and fill up paragraphs with rain of fire like dragons attacking Fortress of Epic Developer's Fails. What a battle... horsey hehe

You developers work for many months to bring us some visually epic battles in a game. And we fans can do the same using mere - words. :hihi:

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*takes a chair and joins Greever in amazed contemplation*

You must be glad that you have such inspiring and amazing fan community here, dont you? crazy
Well, although we are amazing (of course noone can deny that, we have Hammers...) I must admit that there is something lacking a bit. This debate still needs a little better font and few effects like flashing words to be as much stunning and awe-inspiring as watching Avatar... jawdrop oops silly