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I created this account just so I could thank the OP for saving me some cash.

I was researching this game by browsing the forums, as I do every time Im considering a new game.

And thanks to this thread being so close to the top he has saved me a lot of time and some cash. I watched the trailers and game-play vids and thought this was so cool I need it.
Then I come here and a few posts in I find out that enemies do not re-spawn? I agree WTF! is that?

whats the point of trying to build a character if the enemies that you want revenge on and can't wait to show how powerful youve become, never come back for a rematch?

I'm going to continue through the forums and find out if the character at least can carry on into the next new game you start. I would imagine that you could at least load your same character into a new game and continue building it, but I figured enemy re-spawn was a given too.

That and a horrible combat system that's severely broken are the main reasons I couldn't stick with gothic 3.

anyway thanks again to the OP.

Like i said to some others, i wouldn't rely too much on what other players say. If you're a little skeptical then rent it and see how you like it. It's a great game in my opinion (even though i despise the ending).