First of all where I am its 2am , so pretty much anything I do when I get home from work this late is a waste of time, so no worries there.

Second of all to the poster that actually had something to add to the thread rather than his post count.

Im not going to rule it out yet, still taking a look at opinions on other features the game does have. From what Ive see of it, it would still be worth playing even knowing its ending may not be so good.
Though now that I know the ending may not be up to snuff, it may actually lessen the blow when/if I find out how it ends. Just seems like when ever you find that next GREAT game that could pull you in, its missing that 1 thing that you really like in a game. Then you find one that has that 1 thing and it missing all the supporting elements that it needs to make that 1 thing great lol

Just a little disappointed I guess, been a while since theres been what I consider a really good rpg style game, and for a minute it looked like I had found it. Definitely going to be one of those rent before buy kinda deals though.