To use a very extreme position, role-playing games, in which the out-played role merely consists of killing enemies of any kind,

are to me rather war-playing games, than "role"-playing games.

In a recent theory I developed, the accent, the focus of a game might be a hint towards the culture of the people who are fond with it.

In a - that's how I call it - warrior-based culture, the focus of a game would NOT be diplomacvy, as diplomacy would be considered "weak" and "unstrong".

Such a culture would have the focus on the strength and the brute force of a warrior being able to kill enemies of any kind.

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whats the point of trying to build a character if the enemies that you want revenge on and can't wait to show how powerful youve become, never come back for a rematch?

Action-RPGs of any kind do have the focus on killing. Killing is the ultimate solution of a conflicht the character has with any opposed character.

Killing also eleminated to need to negotiate; as negotiation would be considered "slow" and "energy-consuming" by those who believe that simple killing is "fast" and "swift" and doesn't need too much energy - and no thinking at all. Just good reflexes, and nothing but. All kind of thought goes into the process of finding weaknesses of the opposing characters and exploiting them.

From that standpoint, Action-RPGs might well be a mirror of our current culture. People prefer Action-movies, especially some of those where a warrior-type hero kills quite a lot of enemies to fulfull what he wants (there are almost never women doing that) like Rambo, for example.

The TV shows us in almost every show that violence is the method to solve conflicts people prefer - not some "slow, clumsy" negotiation.

Which is why hardcore Action-RPG players would - as I assume - absolutely HATE PS:T, because in PS:T, Wisdom and Talking is king !

In a warrior-culture, talking is nonsense, and killing and violence are considered as being "truthful" for a "real warrior".

That's why games based on riddle-solving like Advbenture games are not high in the reputation of Action-RPG players : They find it exhausting to think too much about simple "riddles". Destroying the source of the riddle would be a far better and a far quicker method.

Now, in our current culture, Action-RPG spread; other types of RPGs are not produced in the same quantity. It is Action-RPGs, which sell IN MASSES, and so it is Action-RPGs which money-greedy companies want to produce and make profits with.

These are the times when the masses speak, and they obviously don't want to use their brains, to put it cynically.

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