alrik adventure games are mostly stupid cuz all ridlles are retardet . no one ever in real life thinks that piece of gum puted in to laser will make lasser blow up and open doors.
most of riddles in 99 % of adventure games are simply unreal and u cannot rly use your inteligence to solve them u need find out what creazy idea to solve that problem was guy who make game .. thre are of course adventure games that use real life logic like post mortem i rly love that game and most of riddles are from reeal life so u can use your real life knowledge to solve them .. pls try shizm or reah 2 most retardet adventure games ever i sit like2 hours and try to find out how to open gate nd wtf ? u need turn off 4 taps in freeking 4 diferent spots of city .. how the hell that works ?? i have no idea but this kind of riddles are in this 2 games , and in most of other adventure games. so not only action rpg players dislake adventure games