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alrik adventure games are mostly stupid cuz all ridlles are retardet

Well, maybe I play different adventure games than you do.

My favourite one is still Indy Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - everything is totally logical there.

Second : Monkey Island.

Third ... Well, maybe Simon the Sorcerer. Action-RPGs don't have many kjokes, but this one definitively has !

Keepsake has also become a favourite of mine - partly, because it comes with a function to solve everything your bran cannot solve.

To me,Action-RPGs are stupid and retarded. No-one would be able to run through such a mass of monsters like I've seen it in Sacred 1 and in Blizzard's D2. No-one would survive, if this was real.

And THEN you say that "most of riddles in 99 % of adventure games are simply unreal" ???
You say this, although RPGs aren't much more real either ? An arrow that splits itself, magically isn't very logical, imho. To battle your way through tons of monsters without your blade becoming worn-out and your armor battered isn't realistic either.

I rather battle with my BRAIN instead of my mouse-attached fingers.

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