Holy crap...after reading the first page and realizing that most people had no idea what they are talking about (for instance relating respawns to mmorpgs is retarded, many rpgs have respawns ie the whole final fantasy series, the whole star ocean series, the fable games etc etc) I decided to just skip to the end. =) Now in this game respawns everywhere would have been horrible. However, I do think there should be some dungeons/side areas where mobs do respawn to give the game a higher replay value as for how it is, it has NO replay value whatsoever. One big thing that many people like about rpgs is that they are games you can keep going back to, however seeing as there are no respawns anywhere and after seeing the ending (I wont go into detail on this) I will never pick up this game again. I actually feel like I should be refunded for buying it. For anyone new, I would not advise buying this game at all as it is not a purchaser, but a renter. (For consoles, if you have pc wait until it drops to 10 bucks.)