So, after much tweaking, something made the black lines go away. (no idea what specifically.)

The AA problem still exists, however, and the game still has either framerate issues with stuttering, or no framerate issues with horrible stuttering.

This game acts odd: (CCC is not controlling any settings for the following.)

If I turn everything to best quality (ie: best visuals) the game gets around 30 fps, hardly ever dropping below 20.

If I turn the visuals to medium, i get around 18 fps, with the same drops going down to 7 or 8

If I pull all the settings down significantly, I get 60 fps (vsynced.)

Here's the odd parts:

The AA settings have NO effect on game performance. I am reasonably certain that for some reason it is broken on my system.

Shadow's and environment are, well, ugly. turning them to lower settings made them actually look better.

This game doesn't appear to have a reason for running at such fps. Maybe it's just that the jagged lines everywhere throw me off, but I really don't understand. (NOTE: I am not saying the game looks bad. I do think it needs AA, but I just don't understand how this game can have lower framerates than Crysis.)