I played the demo for a bit and i went with a regular plain old warrior like i usualy do, but i'm wondering that perhaps its better to choose another class since my attacks were so weak against foes while the archer for example was a bit overpowerd against those summoned goblins. And the mage was somewhere in between from what i could tell.

So as i have picked up the game yesterday: is the game hard/fun being a warrior or should i choose a mage this time since he has a little of both. Or should i combine specializations (full warrior with some mage spells) but my experience tell's me that that isn't usually a good path in rpg's

Or is the game a little hard in the beginning like the gothic games, risen & perhaps even dragon age & drakensang

And one more thing about the mage, so from what i could tell from the beginning is that the mage uses his melee more then his magic or does that changes somewhere later on?