I didn't have any trouble at the start playing a warrior. Currently I am dual wielding axes as my main attack method, but tend to explore with a bow readied; a bow is the easiest way to break barrels/crates for loot, and it can be handy to start off combat (especially against melee opponents). Rush Attack can be great for melee characters to be able to get to mages or archers quickly, but if you jump into the middle of a group of archers and mages, you could end up in worse shape than if you had let them come to you.

On level 2 I didn't do much damage with the first bow or two I found, but could use it to provoke goblins so that hopefully only a couple out of a group would come after me. More often than not more would come, but at least they would be spread out a bit (presumably Ranger Stealth would allow you to pull single opponents out of groups better, depending on their sight range, but I have not tried it yet)

Character Optimization

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