From what I experienced from both warrior and ranger, I feel that warrior might be a more stronger during final stages. I finish my 1st run through with a pure critical dual wield warrior build, and he basically is invincible during the final battle. He can kill the final boss with 1 thousand strike, and yes thousand strike now does have aoe effect, small aoe effect. Even his normal damage is quite effective, basically dealing 400+ to 500+ aoe damage per slash, where critical damage can reach around 1.1k+. I had try to alter the skill and slap a bow with him, reseted his skills to ranger, and found it not as effective while as warrior. The bow is 1 of issue with the damage as I dont have very good bow with me to try it out during that time. But in term of normal damage output, I feel the warrior should be better, as he can do aoe damage even with normal attack. Beside I find speed of bow is indeed slower compare to hack and slash of melee weapons.

Currently I playing as pure ranger in my second run and find it quite ok. The play style will be totally opposite to what I had with my warrior, as she just cant charge like a bull into horde of mobs and survive easily, especially during boss fight. A lot of evading and move around needed to be done. And explosive arrow is the only aoe skills which ranger has, since splitting arrows is not effective while using it as aoe. But splitting arrows wont be bad if you use it as a single target skill, only use on target which able to approach you in melee range and you will see its power, especially when the attack crits.

No matter which class you go, during early stages, majority will use bow to survive, as its an effective pulling tool. When your level start growing and getting better gears and skills, you will eventually use it a lot less then.