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I played for a couple of hours and i have a few questions:

-how many ending does the game have

-is there a difference when you play good or bad in this game? Or could you face 'serious' consiquenses later on a la bioware games

-What the deal with all those books lying around & the severed bodypieces of fallen creatures? Should i save those our just sell everything since that takes allot of space in the inventory.

-What summon is the best one & can you summon 2 creatures at a time?
Now i have a lvl 1 fireball spewing one and i've noticed there will be a fighter creature availlable when your high lvl but who's the one that come's in handy the most? I'm afraid to put more points into him since the high lvl one seems more interesting and he'll be a waste later on unless you can summon both of them..

-I've just finished a rather large dungeon with alot of skeletons & a questboss and i've found these 3 amulets (east, west & south?) and a book saying that i need to bring them someplace but where is that or will i encounter it on the MQ?

-Should i invest lockpicking to lvl 5 to the max?

-I found a circular place on the map with a couple of statues around and some were allready broken a bit and when i came close a mage teleported and said something about "me being worthy after beating 3 creatures". After he said that he summoned those and after beating them nothing happened afterwards. No loot, nothing. I looked around for a possible lever, button but i found nothing. What was the deal there or was that normal?



-Sell them

-Summon deamon
Others are piece of crap
Deamon and your creature

-Explore dungeon and you will find aswer

-Yes,Max it

-Find them all
First time you need to kill some goblins I think,then demon,then undeads and ogre at the end
After you beat them go back to place where you find Talana