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Now i've reached the dragontower, learned the name of the demon and talana hinted me that i should finish all my quests first in broken valley because i probably won't be able to visit that place again.

So like she told me, I teleported back to broken valley to finish up some quests but now i saw an area on the map called "fjords" so i travelled there and it looks like its an entire new map again but i'm wondering if that area is for later and i should focus first on sentinel island/broken valley or vice versa

And is it me or does the story feel so uninteresting. Half of the time i don't even know what the main characters are talking about or who is who since everyone looks alike. For example: I ressurected the ghost using 3 candles back on sentinel island and my main character had an option saying something like: "don't you look familiar and do you have a twin sister" and i had no clue what he was talking about. Each maincharacter just doesn't have a personality
Or what is also redicules is people like the slayer trainerwoman/damian who first talks to you in person a bit and later on wants to kill you but apparently doesn't have the time to do so themselves and they run/teleport, leaving you to some low lvl people.

Or maybe its just me playing to much rpg's made by bethesda, bioware, etc and setting the standards to high. Anywho, i'm enjoying the game allthough most of the time its rather easy. The only tricky part is that i'm still unable to beat that damn killerrabit. I have to be carefull with my whirlwind attacks since that rabbit can finish me off in 2 hits and i can't even do half damage to him hahaha

Orobas Fjords are later part of game after Sentinel island
Options "don't you look familiar and do you have a twin sister" is for Sassan
You met her in Maxos temple