I was suprised that the fjords were quite challenging in the beginning.
Especially with large groups of enemies that have 2 healers. Even with my demon summon & pet i had some trouble.

-in eagle's nest (that barracks area build onto the cliffs) i've found a prisoner in a cage still alive but i can't find a key anywhere. Or is he/she just for the show since i can't even talk to him??
And what's with the no dragon zone's all around that area.. I still found a blind spot where i was able to get on a rock high above that area and jump down to that teleporter area with the ladder

-what the best use for the summoned creature? I mean positioning him as a warrior/mage/archer
Note: i'm a warrior & i also summon a demon to fight beside me so i basicly have 2 warriors

-about that barnabas (<- ?) necromancer guy who's lair is untop of the waterfall:
Wasn't he the guy my necomancer/alchemist send me after to search for a book or is he just somekind of event/sidequest

-i read here that after reaching rank 10 i should place my strongest weapon in my off hand. Can somebody explain that to me since i thought the main hand deals more damage??

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