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-in eagle's nest (that barracks area build onto the cliffs) i've found a prisoner in a cage still alive but i can't find a key anywhere. Or is he/she just for the show since i can't even talk to him??

If you mindread one of the idiots in the upper roon you'll find out that he threw the key out of the window and it's on the beach underneath eagles nest.
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And what's with the no dragon zone's all around that area.. I still found a blind spot where i was able to get on a rock high above that area and jump down to that teleporter area with the ladder

The upper room in eagle's nest has three levers by the far wall that disable all the barriers in that area.
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-what the best use for the summoned creature? I mean positioning him as a warrior/mage/archer
Note: i'm a warrior & i also summon a demon to fight beside me so i basicly have 2 warriors

I use the demon for melee and the creature for throwing range spells when he's not busy peeing on everything.
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-about that barnabas (<- ?) necromancer guy who's lair is untop of the waterfall:
Wasn't he the guy my necomancer/alchemist send me after to search for a book or is he just somekind of event/side quest

It is a side quest (not pertinent to main quest) but you can find the Book of the Dead through the top teleporter in the old cave.