And there you have it. I just beat the game at lvl 35 i think & I finished it in +-35 hours doing (or trying ;))every sidequest i've encountered. The endfight was a bitch though. It was the first time i had to use astrength/armour potions and allot of healthpotion to drop enemy at a time before defeating dumbledore in the end and witnessed a rather lame ending.

A good twist in the end though but unfortunatly the story wasn't all that interesting enough to care about just like in risen for example.
The flying fortresses became boring after a while and aleroth was also a dissapointment. I was finnaly expecting a big city map with lots of shops/quests but all i get was a linear path to dumbledore and when i've finished that there was nothing less to do

But in the end i still liked the humor and most important of all: the gameplay so i'm still looking forward to a third installment in the series claphands