I just couldnt resist answering the OP here.I actually dont have any Divinity series of games but im an RPGer since 1980 so yeah i qualify to give an opinion.Respawns a la MMO or diablo style are the realm of mindless grinding to achieve max level.I used to think MMOs were the future of gaming.LMAO!Yeah right.After 7 years of straight MMO play i can tell you this simply isnt the case.Ive gone back to RPGs because of the utter stupidity in most MMOs nowadays.Its refreshing to see story again.Its refreshing not to deal with-"WTF i pwned you noob!"LOL!Limited spawns that make sense,like random spawns while traveling from one area to another,are good for RPGs.Walking into an area to kill respawning rats or skeletons over and over and over...no thank you.
In conclusion i will be adding the divinity series to my shopping cart for the future.