The statue names are the same in the PC and Xbox versions. The bug/glitch with the missing text in some versions will be fixed in the next patch (whenever that is).
BTW there is no conformation when the names are entered correctly, until you go try the locked door and it opens.

The clues they should give are below (from the walkthrough), along with the solution (in a spoiler). You also either need to mindread Keara or find a note (near the first statue IIRC) for an additional clue to solve the puzzle.

-There's one statue near the entrance (1), two statues in the room to the
northwest - one in the northwest corner (2), and one in the northeast corner
(3) - and two statues in the room to the southwest - one on the south wall (4)
and one on the west wall (5).

-Statue 1's hints: Mayhem is not in the same room as Havoc. Devastation is in
the same room as Chaos.

-Statue 2's hints: I am either Devastation or Chaos. Waste is in the same room
as Mayhem.

-Statue 3's hints: Mayhem is alone in his room. Havoc is in this room.

-Statue 4's hints: I am neither Chaos, nor Havoc. Chaos is neither in my room,
nor in Waste's.

-Statue 5's hints: I am in the same room as Waste. I am neither Mayhem, nor

-1 is Devastation, 2 is Waste, 3 is Chaos, 4 is Havoc, and 5 is Mayhem.