Hello, All!

This has been an interesting read, both for the history/information, and to see how wonderfully public schools have been performing (*you're out buzzer*).

1. We each have our opinions on each game we play. That's a fact, isn't it? So what follows is
2. "Not all opinions will be the same." That does not give permission to come ranting and raving throwing a temper tantrum like a 2-year-old who has a limited vocabulary of "adult words."

3. The game developers have many decisions to make, more than any of us (even hardcore gamers, unless they have a programming background or something) will ever realize. They must base final decisions on what is best for their goal ("A great game"). There are so many steps. . . kind of like quests, if you think about it (Larian Worker #1-- My job is to create the environment. Okay. . . hmmm.... taps out a few calculations into the computer... Weeee, a nice bedroom scene! Oh, wait, that's not the game we're making. Okay, let me try this again. *Enter Larian Worker #2* Yo, #1, have you got a draft of the environment yet? I've gotta throw these beasts in there and see if the coloring will stand out or make them invisible? #1: Uh... I have a draft, but I don't think you want to put beasts in it. #2 Well, I need something. Send me what you have. . . *about a 2 minute break* NUMBER ONE!!! You gotta check this out! I made a chicken, goblin, and fanged bunny in that enviro and looked what happened!" *leaves to your imagination*

Now, getting back on track, depending on how many people are working on a particular part of the game, how many aspects of the game they cover, then how everything interacts, then the tweaking when something doesn't interact correctly. . . that's a lot of work. So, they get close to the desired goal, but there's still a few turds that wouldn't flush-- they have to hack and slash out of the game whatever does not fit within that world. Kind of like book writing-- a good book can easily get you to have "willing suspension of disbelief" (which I think is the purpose of RPG-- get me out of my life for a bit, eh?). But everything in the story has to fit into the world. Just because a game carries a genre "RPG" does not obligate it to include every known usage of all RPG's. Setting limits is hard, but it must be done to achieve the final goal (Divine Divinity 3???--- can't wait for it!).

How far out of life do you want to get when you play? Your tastes (likely) will not match up with every game in the genre. Shoot, even my hubby and I have disagreements over RPGs (especially inventory size). That's called "life." You try something out, you may like it or you may not. You may want to put "it" on the shelf to try again later, and sell or give it away. The choice is yours. You are the one putting down money on the game-- research a little on it before dropping half-a-century on a game! You can learn even from the "negative" reviews, if it happens that the reviewer has similar interests to yours, and learn from positive reviews. Don't just look at the "score"-- read what the author has taken the time to write and then make a decision.

If it turns out you don't like, in this case, the game, then offer constructive criticism (which pretty much leaves out words like "Fuck" and "shit")-- In another thread a Larian rep actually asked for further help from the willing! How cool is that? But running around brandishing foul language is like a toddler with poop on his hands complaining (Toddler, you shouldn't put your hands down your diaper. In fact, I think it's time we potty train you!). It stinks, it's messy, and doesn't do anyone any favors. However, pointing to the soap could be helpful in this instance.

To the lurking Larians eating popcorn. . . does it have some butter on it? Mind sharing some with me? Oh... do I have brown on my nose now? Oops!

I've played Ego Draconis through, and while the ending wasn't what I expected, I can't say it 'ruined' the game. . . it's just making me look forward to the next one, because now I've really got an axe (warhammer, sword. . .take your pick) to grind!!

I, for one, appreciated the realism in this game (like the Affair, the egos, the shopkeeps who try to swindle you, that a bloody white rabbit can kick my butt). But best of all, Larian's absolute best features, in my opinion, are their humor and Kirill's music! Humor and music and good story writing. . . they've got that down the best! None of this "and now for the pre-quel." or "Remember Boss-O, well he's back and meaner than ever!" Um. . . how'd he come back? Was my playing not good enough?

Back to the positive note to end, though. Music A++, Main storyline A+, Side stories A, Music A+++ smile

Great job, Larian (particularly workers #1 and #2-- got a great visual from that imaginary setting).


I hope my writing came out clearly-- I accidentally took my sleepy med too early. OOoops. Off to bed!

"I don't need to get a life. I'm a gamer, I have LOTS of lives!"