I have to disagree w/ Lynn-- "old is silver", though it doesn't rhyme :p Okay, so my silver hairs do not classify me as "old" when it comes to this forum, as I am very new to it's very existence! However, reading the ages of the young people in here... and already talking about eye surgeries... I'm feeling quite old now, so thanks everyone!

Let's see, I'm probably older than most of the people who post often, my hair looks like it has "highlights," but it's really just turning a to a silvery-grey, I have poor eye sight, poor hand-eye coordination... I'm so old, I can't understand what many people type. The whole "WTF ppl dont u no wut wit dat" is completely lost on me.

For the most part, regarding earlier posts in this thread, reading what other language speakers write has been fun and enlightening. It seems to me that many non-native English speaking people are more understandable than half of the other Americans I try to read! While I realize I don't use proper English (especially when it comes to England-English speakers, btw, funny joke on the first page), I think I do far better than many Americans! I get frustrated when people don't use proper punctuation and capitalization-- that's taught in Kindergarten! Ei! For the non-native English folk-- great job on learning the language! In my travels I have attempted to learn at least a couple of words (like "please" and "thank you" and "hello") in the language of whatever country I was visiting. I try, but I'm slow. Having a tough time with Korean, but I'm getting there. My daughter does very well with other languages!

Anyway.... I'm rambling. Everyone have a great day/night!

Does silver-haired count as old here? :p


"I don't need to get a life. I'm a gamer, I have LOTS of lives!"