That's great, isorun! Most of the Italian I learned (most of which I've forgotten because I don't have anyone to speak it with), I learned while living in Italy and going about through the cities and asking questions... and LOTS of hand gestures (Italians, particularly in the south, use lots of hand-language). Being the foreigner taught me what it's like for someone to come to America & try to learn English-- now we have the internet! Ha! Now people can learn English without ever knowing someone in person who speaks it! I think that's great. Except if it's being learned from so-called 'native speakers' who can't even put together a correct sentence! ;-)

You're right, I have been very impressed by the amount of "nice" people here at the forums. Most people have been very kind in their replies and answering questions-- that's not been the case at other forums that I read. That is part of why I registered-- the people seem nice, to care about quality & to be helpful.

I've considered going to the German forum, or one of the other languages, so that I can learn one-- but I have two children who keep me very busy. So, I figure I'll spend the 'down time' I do get by helping the other people on this forum, as I was helped immensely before I ever showed myself!

Have a great day/night!


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