Or ask Tom Arnold, LOL. How would you like a constant reminder of Roseanne.

A friend of mine got a big sword with wings (a warcraft banner) tattoo on his chest. Its all black. He works at Target unloading trucks. He's a real skinny guy and because he does physical labor he shaves his head in the summer becasue of the heat & humidity (Chicago). He also likes to wear combat boots because they have the steel toes and he claims they are comfortable. A few months ago he got a new District Manager that happened to be African American. Well almost from the start he the Manager was really standoffish with my friend. My friend couldn't figure out what the problem was, as he was always getting good reviews from other District Managers and is a really friendly guy. Recently they were at a party together and the Manager asked my friend if he could ask him a personal question. He asked what his tattoo was. My friend promptly lifted his shirt so he could see it (the tattoo is huge by the way 4+ hours to have it done). The manager seemed visibly relieved so my friend asked what was up, he told him that all this time he thought that it was a swastika, and my buddy was a skinhead. He had seen just a little corner of it when my friend was wearing a loose shirt and made that assumption. They are getting along great now.

As for Angelina she has that weird thing with her brother, and she was with Billy Bob. There has got to be some baggage going on that I want no part of.

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