I don't know if this will help or not but I'll give you something. I currently have 4 tattoos. And like most people who get them, I got them because they mean something personal to me. My first tattoo is of four catscratches that rip into my flesh and leave drops of blood running down my left bicep. This is personal to me because I had a cat whom I tortured as a child and the cat never faught back. The week after I left home for the Army, he died. My mother told me he was like an old man who lost his wife and had no reason to live anymore. My second tattoo is of a viking head, not because I'm of nordic origin or anything it just that my favorite football team before I can remember was the Minnesota Vikings and I am their #1 fan no matter how they do. My third is an animated constillation Orion with a crescent moon bow and a dagger that rips into my skin again dropping blood onto my back. This one was for my mother, who introduced my interest into the stars and appointed him as my guadian the night I was born. For whenever she couldn't be there to protect me there he would be. (The problem is he's only out half of the year.) So now, he's always got my back well actually my right shoulder. My last (for now) is a dipiction of Captain Caveman on my left should with club raised and jumping in the air. This is from a child hood nickanme that has stuck with me for over twenty years and is still here. The only other thing that I can add to this story is that I get tattoos only once at a new area that I have been. The first one I got was at Lansing Michigan, The second Tacoma, Washington, The Third Mason City, Iowa and the forth, Yokohama, Japan.

I hoe this information helps you with your paper