...level editor for making single player missions/campaigns. With that the 100 h game time could be extended a lot and it would make the game more interestig too, players could send eachother the levels that they have done etc. Who agrees?

Sounds like good wishful thinkin', and perhaps Larian will do something like that in their next game, but I have no idea if DD is configured to be easily modded. Then again, do you really want to sit around and plant trees, barrels, houses, tables, chairs, plates, food, candles, crates, chests, bookshelves, pictures, etc. etc. for every location in the game you want to create? I would get real tired of those little details real fast. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/sleepey.gif" alt="" />

You will rue the day you opposed me! Begin your rueing! I'll just... sit over here... and watch.