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So, you want to kill everything/everyone that annoys you ?

I think this was meant to be as a learning lecture : You can be fooled. By anyone.

And : "Wise after the event".

Learning lessons consist of the fact that you know how an orange tastes only AFTER you have bitten into it ...

*Sigh* Lose your attitude.

I want to kill him because:

1) There are so many loading screens and the manual which hammer in that you'll be getting in a Battle Tower that not a lot of people will fall for his pitch in the first place, so people who get fooled should really know better. I was never fooled for a second even the first time, and refused his offer outright. But oh no, that wasn't enough annoyance for Larian, they had to add more.
2) When you refuse his offer, he gets more annoying and gets belligerent with you, and it takes a few conversation choices to end the conversation with him.
3) He gives you the pitch not once, not twice, but THREE times, all of which are UNSKIPPABLE CUTSCENES. Larian put in THREE UNSKIPPABLE CUTSCENES whose only purpose, essentially, is to annoy the player (whether you refuse or accept, you get annoyed either way). He deserves to die for the sin of POINTLESS unskippable cutscenes.

also he is an npc in a videogame and not a real person so it doesn't matter if i kill him or not