At one time computers, like everything else, was made to last. Real craftsmanship was put in them, in this case it was the use of a soldering iron. In the 90's it became cheaper to junk the old main board and get a new one. At one time you had to get a technically trained person to rework the rollers and gears in a floppy drive that went bad, rather then spend $350 on it.

Now the way things are so mass produced it is much cheaper to get a new one. With old software the original programmers were worried about size. These days they are not so efficiency is thrown out the window. They would rather you get a .dll that has 10k lines of code then to write the 200 lines of code and test to make sure it works when they know the .dll works just fine.

Everyone likes to over-use graphics. Unless your playing a game or making some sort of movie or presentation. You don't need shadows under the mouse or fading menus and sliding browsers or a 3D graphical representation of your files in a folder.

XP had that crap and you were able to disable it all and it ran like a dwarf does when he hears "The pub is on fire, save the beer!" I'd rather use XP then 7 with all the fancy rubbish. There is no excuse for their OS to require about 4x the requirements as XP. An OS is suppose to be basic communication between user(s) and hardware.

Um... wow...

I hope Google crushes M$...?

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Every time there I run into trouble on the road, there is always a dwarf at the bottom of it. Don't they know how to drive above ground?