A Survivor must become the Divine without dying !
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This is the first "title" that arise in my mind. Just saying like this: if my hero got killed, Game Over! This rule is clearly a Hardcore rule. I've write down more rules. If you want to know them, ask. Certainly I play on "hard" difficulty !
Although I've played many times DD already and many more have "started", yet this new kind of style will become a rewarding experience, I'm already sure! smile

I find "a Survivor" quite an appropriate kind of type to play Hardcore style! I should really try to "survive" till the end! I realize now that this will require patience and perseverance and, above all important action plans in advance (instead of post-thinking!)!
All very good deliberation and care that I do not have any nasty surprises! But unfortunally I have met already a nearby death experience ... (read about this below).

I will start with this overview:
Name hero : (still)nameless female hero.
Race : Survivor. Basic skills are Sneak, Lockpick and Identify.
Level : 3 (but wet behind her ears)
Skills learned : Meteorestrike L1 and one free skillpoint.
Some of my Stats (later more!) : still three unused statspoints ...
HP (80) and Mana (79) > two boosts, one from my gloves and one from cuirass I found in George's shop
Resistance: all zero . Reputation : zero.
Equipment : later more. I have now a Helmet, a Cuirass, Gloves, Leggings, Sandals, a Rope.
Nearby death experiences : me first one !
Reason: an Orc Warrior suprised me in the infested woods around Aleroth.
Weapon : only a worn dagger ... and one brand new learned spell, but ....
Game Over : Zero

Chapter One

Everything went well after killing two Orcs and I wanted to return to rest, but was surprised by an Orc Warrior and I don't know where that Orc so suddenly came from!
Worst was that I try the use Meteorestrike and nothing happened anymore ... my Mana force was empty!
Fortunately it was only 1 Orc because I noticed to my amazement that I have no bottle Mana Force with me!! How stupid !
Well, I had honey and chicken leg with me, but I had just eaten a piece of meat...
Also, I remembered nothing about the healing effects of food. This I certainly must investigate later on ...
And in the meantime I ran in circles around a tree to avoid the axe of the Orc Warrior ... I did not even wearing a cuirass on that moment and a worn dagger was the best weapon I had ... So then, the radical approach : going to attack the orc with my dagger ! I felt the life energy drains quickly ... Luckily I had enough healingpotions with me!!

This was my first nearby-death experience! I'm glad I still breathing!

The 'nameless' female survivor.

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