Hahaha .... :hihi: ... you're right, to become the Divine ... and yes, my hero goes death, but this is an "ingame ritual" because I can play further in the Wastelands after the ritual without reloading the game ... so it is NOT a Game Over biggrin

And one of the HC rules I make for myself is:
First explain this: each play session = "loading my previous save, play and save only when I stop playing"!
If my hero got killed during a play session it is "Game Over" and I MUST start over again the last (current) play session !
BUT: if I die twice on a same LEVEL, I must start all over again and make me a new character!!
For example: I start my play session and I'm level 4. Playing and become level 6 ... die on level 6. Then I can play again from level 4, UNLESS I haven't die yet at level 4!
So I can die only ONE time at a level, next time it is TOTAL GAME OVER biggrin

Originally Posted by singo
But it's a fun idea for players who is tired of the game maybe...

Tired of this game? Does that exist? :hihi:
Not for me and I'm also sure this kind of play style give a whole new experience !! wink Now I'm only level 3 and have already lots of fun, adventure ... reading all the books over again, each word ...

It makes me happy I'm not the only one play DD on this way smile ...I wish you good luck !
I will focus on Survivor Skills and Bow expertise. Further on Mage Skills and I love the Skills Alchemie, Know Creature, Freeze, Poison Weapon (mostly with a bow), Lockpick ... and will try also Pickpocket (in combination with Know Creature it is handy). Hope I find (buy) also weapons with Freeze, Lightning, Stun etc damage ... fun!

How long I must play this style before I reach the end isn't important at all !!
If I have FUN, I play further on or I must start all over again, it doesn't matter ...

FUN is all I wish ! smile

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On 7th of february 2015 : I start a new adventure in the Divinity world of Original Sin,
it's a Fantastic Freaking Fabulous Funny ... it's my All Time Favorite One !