A funny joke that made me chuckle inside but it's only valid if sue survives the next coming lol
Dear Journal,
I was just getting busy saving the world and then next thing I know I'm actually helping out that bastard Damien! then I met realized I was incased in some kind of crystal with not escape for eternaty and this person, called the divine sueliana, told me that I'm trapped with her and she's not dead! man if she hadn't saved that damn baby Everything would be fine and I would be on the farm with my father and life would be peacefull!

yours sexly and truely, michelle

Just something I hope you'd find funny Joram laugh

"So you take an Apple and a Pineapple, smash them together, and you get a 'Pin-apple' My dear sir!"
Warning, Spoiler:
Behold the glory of Lord Pin-apple peasant! \:D