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Hello all,

To my shame, I once again realize that the pressures of everyday life at Larian stopped me from posting more regular status updates, something I had decided to do some time ago. Quick update about what's keeping us busy:

Submission of the Xbox360 version of The Dragon Knight Saga: Honestly, you won't recognize the game if you played it previously on Xbox360. It's much much smoother, the user interfaces have changed significantly, the camera has changed completely, it's been balanced specifically for the X360 this time and above all it's much more fun. It's also very very big, as the content of Flames of Vengeance together with the revised Ego Draconis content make for a very big game. I'm too biased to make an objective judgement, but I hope that when you get it in your hands, you'll have as much fun with it as the testers seem to have.

Polish, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, English, German versions: We love localization, yes we do ! My God, what a job - with the FOV content now added to it, just verifying if a language integration worked out well has become a huge logistical operation.

Monkey Labs 2 & 3: Lots of commotion here in Belgium about educational games with the start of the new school year, and our Monkey Labs games are getting quite some attention, especially now that the government seems to take an interest. We've got two more slated for release end of September, and then there's another two coming a bit later, so those too are keeping me busy.

Next games: In the midst of the rush of releasing the 18 versions, there's still our next projects to take care of too, as more and more team members are ready with their jobs on our current productions. Up to now we've been fooling around with ideas and concepts, but pretty soon decisions will need to be taken about how these will materialize, though I fear it will take some time before we'll be able to talk about them.

Demos: Lots of pressure on our shoulders to come up with demos for The Dragon Knight Saga so that's probably going to take some of our time too very soon.

Patches: When all versions will finally be finished, we'll be able to lift the existing released content to the level of the latest builds, which will be about time. I regret tremendously that we couldn't release any patches before, but it was out of our hands, something we'll not allow to happen again.

That's all I have time for now, I'll try to give a longer one next time round.



I look forward to it. Seems like it has changed much.