Check the options menu, maybe there's a mouse sensitivity slider.

The controls are pretty standard, you shouldn't have many problems getting started.

You should be in the tutorial area now. Talk to everybody, try all 3 choices offered by the teachers (magic, sword, bow), practice the mind reading skill ASAP. Mind reading is very important. Often loot or even quests only become available if you've read someone's mind.
I suggest a quicksave before each dialog. Sometimes mind reading is only a waste of XP (maybe in 20% of the cases).

Starting with your career choice (it doesn't really matter because you can develop freely) when you leave the tutorial, most decisions are final. This is a Euro-RPG - so don't expect 2nd chances. wink

In most places combat and dialog are clearly separated, so you can generally predict whether or not you'll need your weapon.

Another detail worth mentioning:
Shops restock after every level-up.