omfg, you guys are good. Im doing the same cept with a male warrior. Hard mode sucks. I struggled through until i could learn skeleton wall, then i went into the orc camp and killed all the heavys, no elites (yet). Starting on them in bout two hours. Current level-


weapon-Brightblade (yes i killed him on hard mode. bows and three hours go a long way)

preferred stategy- summon some hardened skeletons and let them kick as much crap out of the enemy as possible, then move in for the kill. or run like hell, whichever.

near death experiences- five with Seth, seven more, one to ONE hp. (not the vampire, i dont count him cuzz thats gonna happen anyway.)

im thinkin bout the skill for steel scorpians. good choice or not?

where are the dragon armor parts?

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