I'm back after a vacation in Greece, 28°C every day smile ...
Now I'm freezing death in Belgium :hihi:

My male warrior 'Jurden' is now level 15.
Some stats (with boosts from gear!):
Strength : 45 - Agility 35 - Intelligence 22 - Constitution 30
HP: about 300 and MP about 250.
Have done many many trading with first George (now he's killed because of rescue Mardaneus from Thelyron :hihi: ) and now on Rivertown market with Kistandalius (he admire me, rep 100!) and the weapon smith and the other guys too ...
Have many good equipment-items found and bought !
Some of my Skills are now: (3 skillpoints left)
Enchant Weapon level 3
Poison Weapon l 2 (great skill!)
Splitting Arrows l 1 (great in comb with Poison Weapon, esp. by killing (a group of) Orcs!)
Meteeorestrike l 2 (one skillbook found near the Dwarven village)
Lightning l 2 (+ one skillbook bought by Kistandalius for to use later)
Know Creature l 1 (from gear)
Hell Spikes l 1 (from gear)
Survivor Instinct l 1 (from gear)
Alchemy l 2
Lockpick l 1
Augment Defense l 1 (boost 'Armor' value)
Freeze l 2 (always a good skill by most enemies)
Sometimes I use the Warrior skill if many enemies surrounded me! Great skill, but don't forget to have potions of STAMINA with you!!! hahaha )

For me most dangerous moments are the final battle at level -5 catacombs beneath Aleroth, but I survive! And also all the moments many (different) enemies attacked me by surprise, but to be honest, most of that kind of "surprise" was coming up if I was a little bit unpatient and do stupid movements (to fast moving in unexplored areas for instance!) :hihi:

My Telporter Stones have also saved me a killing blow from a Great Giant Orc :hihi: !
I'm happy I still breathing smile

@GPDA : wecome to the hardcore challenge thread smile

I don't care about Scorpions Traps. Never used them in DD.
I try to have the best "boosts" in Vitality and Constitution and all the rest are "extra" to come in handy! I use all the charms some Orcs leave behind and have already 3 Strength charms in use (3 X + 4 to Strength !!) + 1 Dexerity charm ...

Have 4 good bows + 2 good swords + 1 great dagger and 1 great axe ! So I let Seth live with his Brightblade.
Later I write down here the specifications of my gear wink

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On 7th of february 2015 : I start a new adventure in the Divinity world of Original Sin,
it's a Fantastic Freaking Fabulous Funny ... it's my All Time Favorite One !