I agree DD has a great skillsystem that takes me deep into the world of Rivellon ! smile
More skills is very good for the replayability I find !

But for me Divinity II have good skills and I'm happy the skillsystem is "open" (not charactertype restricted!).
One thing I don't love in other RPG's is just the skilltree isn't like in the Divinity games, but yeah, I understand not all RPG's can have the same skillsystem, isn't it? Or ... ? wink

Recently I read Arcnia (Gothic 4) have only 8 skills ! Poor gamers who buy that game and are hoping for a nice skilltree with lots of skills ! eek

On 7th of february 2015 : I start a new adventure in the Divinity world of Original Sin,
it's a Fantastic Freaking Fabulous Funny ... it's my All Time Favorite One !