When I mind read laiken before i kill him, which was pretty easy on medium btw, warrior built, with the chick healing me... anyways when you mind read him he talks about a chest an after he kills us he will get whats inside an it will begin, is it the chest with the dragon stone in it, an do i have to mind read him to get it for 1400xp or can i skip that mind read an get the chest anyways? also before his fight when you fight the soul bound demon, an mind read him, he talks about lending a demons war hammer to some B-named guy, an that costs 1400xp, wheres the dude that he lent the hammer to and is it worth the xp loss? im still usen the 2hander you get in the beginning of the game that rhode takes from you an gives back to you from that ghost dude....sorcerers arbens sword