Hello guys !

I own a disk copy of Ego Draconis collector version, and decided to purchase a digital version of Flame of Vengeance. Because it's been a while since I finished the original game, I created a new character in order to play from the begining to the end. I cleared most of the original game, I'm just missing the sigil in broken valley. But when I get there some part of the area are bugged : the lever float mid air (which is weird but not a big deal, I can flip them) however some towers, foes and teleporters are covered by big rocks. I am totally unable to access to Geshmiz or Rayhun...

Is this a known issue ? Is there anything I can do on order for the rocks to disappear to keep playing ?

By the way, I'm french and so is my version of the game.

I hope you can help me !