Well, for starters I am running the entire game as the "Archer" class, and I must say of the 5-6 actual moments had to be in melee range my "Evade" skill comes in quite handy. The key is having a fantastic grasp on the "tumble" ability, and using terrain to your advantage. Having said that also a "smart" skill points distribution will take you MILES in this game.

In my current game my hero just reached lvl 35, and I'm finishing up "Orobas Fjords". All of the fortress Bosses have fallen to my quick bow, and I must add that I have only really used my "Creature" a couple of times..though I keep upgrading it lol. I also have just completed the "Hunter" set(set pieces were pretty much everywhere..finding most BEFORE even starting fortresses).
The class seemed most difficult until about Lvl 12ish..once I past this point it became easier(survivability), and also being a search-monkey I try to pick-up on all the little extra help the game throws at ya..SEARCH, SEARCH, SEARCH...and ye shall be rewarded.

As for "Best class in the game", or better yet FotM**, I tend to not listen to the stuff, more so, what class do you typically like to play?..okee then go for it. Once you have a good understanding of the class, limitations and strengths the skies the limit I say.

For example, I narrowed my hero down to using 2 attack skills: Poison Arrows +10, Explosive arrows +12. Most of my points from their went to Defensive, or Add Dmg/Crit.

So, with all that...just play the game with a solid plan, looking FAR into the development of what you want to be. Concentrate skill points, and use wisely! (I am lvl 35 and have 65 points to allocate), though getting this amount of points takes SEARCHING.

Happy Hunting rpg008
quick note: The Killer Bunny, isn't so hard. This bunnies leap is less than to be desired.. ( I believe I was level 12 or so)...try being off ground. cheer

**Flavor of the Month

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