I don't get it, either have an auto save or don't but the way this games autosave is set up is pointless. When invading a flying fortress, every time you go into a new structure you get an autosave. At times this ends up resulting in 8 auto saves within 5 minutes, if you walk through two different entrances to the same structure you will even get two auto saves for that one location. On the other hand when entering caves sometimes it does and most times it doesn't.

I just had the game defect on me, I was fighting a boss monster and after killing him he vanished through the floor along with my reward. I loaded up my auto save and it turns out it was from 3 or so hours ago when I had entered the harbor.

This is a great game but some of these things should really be checked for improvement. Auto save every time you ENTER a location, I don't know why this is a difficult thing to implement. That is pretty standard in the RPG genre now adays and this is not the first time something like this has happened to me in this game. I should not have to pause my game after every room I clear to manually make a save out of fear the auto save isn't keeping up and that a bug might break something.

I also had the talking treasure chest screw up on me, it wanted to ask me a question, I told it I didn't want to so I could save it and it proceeded to not work anymore. I wanted to reload but the game hadn't auto saved for a long time and it was either redo 5 hours worth of the game or skip the box due to a bug. At first I thought I had screwed this up but upon doing a bit of research you are supposed to be able to postpone the questions.

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