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Sure, however for those who are playing on console, there is no quicksave, so the wildly uneven autosave feature sticks out even more.

I read that in Two Worlds 2, they have an autosave feature where you can chose how often the game saves, every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes, etc...
I think somebody on these boards already asked for the addition of such a feature to the 360 version.

Given how inconsistent the default autosave is, that would be a godsend but I don't see them patching that in.
Both Two Worlds and Two Worlds 2 let you set the time interval between autosaves, works great and if you set it at say, 5 minute intervals, you never lose much time if the game glitches on you or you make a mistake.

That's one of those little features that I'd like to see more game developers adopt, it's not always easy to remember to quick-save every few minutes, and, as the OP points out, some games have a really messed up auto-save function!