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If they die, you can summon them again after a short while. Drag your crystal skull on the quickbar to see the cooldown before you can summon another one.

Oh Cool...

But what I don't get -- is why are they so expensive to invoke -- HALF my mana??

Compared to summoning an undead...right now I can summon a level 29 undead who sends out awesome
fireballs, and costs me next to nothing to summon...

If it wasn't for him, I never would have made it as far as I have....He's an awesome fighter...
so far, Much better than the daemon that I can tell...when I summonmed up a daemon, who was level 20, next to my undead @ level 21, the daemon could only fight -- no spells, which meant he took direct damage very quickly and died very quickly. The undead guy usually stays at a distance and shoots fireballs so he takes much less damage on the average than the daemon and stays around alot longer -- thus he delivers more damage. He's also great as an early warning device for archers that try to sneak up on me, since he will home in on them instantly, he sometimes starts firing on them long before I get an alert (this is part of my beef about enemies being able to target me long before I can target them -- but my undead creature can target them before I can -- so with him around, at least I get warning).

His 'alert' was also help when I was fighting the invisible monsters section. When they were invis, I had to be pointed at them for my alert to come up, but he would find them no matter what direction they were in, and his fireballs would point out their direction to me.

Very handy.

BTW -- is it possible for me to heal my creature or give him a potion?

Another bummer -- I wish I could give my creatures (or my runners) some of the equipment I've picked up. That's actually a bug as far as I'm concerned when it comes to the runners. They are humans and I should be able to give them any of the equipment I've picked up, but there's no option to do that. That's lame.