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Someone is telling me that SecurRom may be at fault in my download version in corrupting the game play as well...

And someone told me, that then it went and ate my neighbours dog and proceeded to dig up all my dead relatives.

How is that relevant? I'm talking about Securom causing game bugs in playability. These are real problems, not the bull you are coming up with. It would be one thing if securom said it found a problem, and to tell me I needed to correct it -- at least then I would know there was a problem, but this business with it altering game play is just ridiculous, since you don't know if it is a game bug, or what the problem is.


Have you played any Ubisoft games recently?

I haven't because they haven't produced anything worth playing enough to tolerate their DRM. Seriously! If they didn't have the DRM, I would have tried a few titles, but given the bad rep of the DRM and the so-so nature of the reviews, it wasn't worth it. On any game title, I figure in the DRM as a negative -- like the recent versions of Assassin's Creed -- I tried the first version, and wasn't horribly impressed (the DRM wasn't too bad -- just an activation thing), but I REALLY wanted to try AC-II, it looked so much better, but it's DRM requirements were a complete show stopper for me. Plain and simple. They lost a sale for something I wanted to buy. Similar problem for Bioshock 2 -- I found a cheap copy of Bioshock I in the bargain bin for $10. Decided to give it a try -- I couldn't get it to activate -- kept saying it couldn't contact the authorization servers -- so again, Bioshock II was a non-starter.

These stupid publishers that put in Crap DRM -- ARE losing sales -- because their DRM stops the games from working on more and more people's systems.

So don't tell me I should put up with DRM that alters my game play to make it unplayable because others are worse -- I don't even buy those -- and I would because they look very cool, but the DRM puts me off every time. I *buy* my games, only time I used a hack was on a game (Oblivion) that I purchased (and purchased all the extensions), only because I didn't want to keep inserting the CD (I only had 1 drive at the time and needed it for other things). When I play a game I want to be able to pause the game and switch in and out -- to go do other things like work -- I use the games as break (or is it that I use the work as a break from the games? hehe )....but the games need to play fair with my system -- at least the more recent versions of securom no longer lock me out when I'm running process Explorer -- there was no reason for that -- and ProcExp, I have that in my auto-start, it's something I always have running. One version of Suck-U-Rom, was so bad, that if you had run ProcEXp, any time since boot, it would detect that fact and refuse to run -- it required you to reboot!! You had to NOT run procexp before you ran that game, and anytime you did work after that -- if it required procexp, you were screwed -- since you couldn't re-enter the game w/o another reboot. Stupidly lame. Thank god they fixed that bit of stupidity...