Because you don't want autosave to save your game all the time -- it takes the same amount of time as quick save, and if you put your quick save on an easy to reach key, it takes but a little training for it to become second nature.

Seriously -- just retrain your fingers and you won't have to think about it -- it will become automatic. That's the point of training -- you train often enough, and things become automatic -- you don't have to think -- you just react. it becomes part of your muscle memory and it requires no thought.


maybe put it on '\'. You'll probably hit it by accident half the time when you try to hit erase or Return... hehe it will become automatic! Trust me.... Would I lie to you? I'm not with larian... I'm a fellow player. And not even a hardcore gamer for that matter... it really does become part of your "automatic reflexive muscle memory", so it won't take you out of your game and you won't even have to think about it, any more than you think about scratching your nose when it itches -- it's unconscious.