@Daft :
I like your playstyle and how you "see and act" this game smile .
A ranger is indeed very nice to play with. One of my fav Skill is Ranger Stealth.
Have you ever played Divine Divnity as a Ranger? I mean, "using frequently/mostly a Bow"? I can say it's really great laugh !

For me the Dragon knight Saga have also many strategic acts (like you said to choose Skill on a smart way) ! I love that. I Search very carefully in each game and take patiently my time, relaxed gaming &
on the same time I have intense feelings as if the game is reality (for that moment) !

In fact, all Divinity games (and other rpg's!)
I play/see them as a role playing, puzzle & strategic adventures biggrin

On 7th of february 2015 : I start a new adventure in the Divinity world of Original Sin,
it's a Fantastic Freaking Fabulous Funny ... it's my All Time Favorite One !