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I already sent the mail and received a confirmation from you. But seeing how fast you seem to fix savegames for the others, I was just wondering if you may have sent it back to me without hotmail properly delivering it to me.

If I may stick my oar in (again!) it looks like our problem's not the same as the Raze one which requires the savegame to be unbugged; seems it's a problem with our game installation which the patch should fix.

Just in case there is any commonality, I'm using the old DVD-based Ego Draconis installation with patch 1.3 subsequently installed (which worked) and then the digital version of FoV added on, at which point it broke.

I don't think it seems to be a savegame problem as I see the same thing with my old (unbugged) saves from earlier in the year.

Now all we need to do is wait a few more days for the patch to appear. I hate being patient. grin

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